Connect Class is an opportunity to discover New Life’s core beliefs and values, your next steps in getting involved, and your place within the church. Serving in church is one of our greatest callings, and we want to provide the resources and knowledge to fulfill it. 

You are wanted and needed here!

Our Story

We came from a very small congregation where we were extremely involved. It was the church where there were way more tasks than volunteers. We all wore multiple hats, and we loved it. After our previous church dissolved, we were lost, or so we thought. We didn't want to attend every church in Conway before knowing where we could call home again. NLC Conway was familiar for us, so we actually avoided attending for a while since we knew we would love it and we didn't want our decision swayed by what we wanted versus what God had for us in this season.

We visited a few churches and never felt at home. Fast forward a bit, we made it to NLC Conway and immediately had all of the feels we were missing. We felt welcomed; the worship experience was amazing, and the word was definitely God given. The only thing missing was being involved. Launch weekend was a life changer for us. We connected with the Connect Team right away. We attended the Connect Class, which was 4 weeks at that time. We learned of New Life's mission, vision, and many many ministries throughout the church.

One of the biggest things we learned and try to share with all newcomers and more tenured members who have not gotten connected is that the church is definitely large in size and numbers, however it's so much more of a small community once you get plugged into serve teams and life groups. It's easy to see and maybe even feel like you don't belong. It may appear all places are filled and there are no friends to be made or that you don't have a seat at the table. However, those are not feelings from the Lord. The enemy tried to trick us into thinking all of those things, and we are so glad we didn't believe his lies. We got connected, have remained connected, and we are looking forward to helping others connect as well.

- Shawn, Ashley, Ava, and Shawn Jr. Smith