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Four Twelve Summer Internship

The summer internship is designed to offer our Four Twelve students an opportunity to go deeper in their walk with Christ. The internship aims to equip the interns with the necessary skills to learn, serve, and lead in the local church and in their everyday lives. The internship will include personal Bible study, messages and teaching from guest speakers, team building activities, life group discussions, and service projects in the community. 

  • This year we have added four serve days for the students. We not only want the students to grow in their study of God’s Word, but we want them to also grow in the application of their faith. We are partnering with local places in Conway to serve four times together over the summer. SIGN UP HERE: WWW.TINYURL.COM/FTINTERNSHIP2019 THERE WILL BE QUESTIONS FOR YOUR STUDENT TO FILL OUT ON THE APPLICATION. FOR FURTHER QUESTIONS: CONTACT RICHARD OR JULIE EBERLE REBERLE@NEWLIFECHURCH.TV