PATH Advocacy Training

If you're wondering what it would look like to get involved in combatting human trafficking in our area, mark your calendars for July 24. PATH is hosting an all-day, intensive look at the world of the sex industry with a primary focus on sex trafficking and the world of the victim.

What you will learn:
(1) Basic information on trafficking
(2) Who becomes a victim, how they are trapped, life in the sex industry, and the effects of that lifestyle including trauma short- and long-term effects
(3) How to work with or talk to a victim/survivor
(4) A brief look at who are the traffickers, perpetrators, assailants, purchasers
(5) The role of pornography in the sex-industry
(6) Ways to become involved

Breakfast snacks and catered lunch provided. Contact is Kelsey Payton at

Click the link below for details and tickets to register: