NLC Internship

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NLC Internship exists to serve and further the vision of New Life Church while developing leaders and followers of Christ.

The NLC Internship exists to serve and further the vision of New Life Church while equipping disciples and leaders.

Whether you simply want to be more involved at New Life Church, you currently serve or lead, or you dream of being involved full-time in ministry one day,  NLC Internship will give you exclusive opportunities to serve within the church while being developed by our staff. If you are passionate about New Life Church and want to help us further the vision of our house, NLC Internship could be a great next step for you!


The internship will operate in 3 semesters:

Fall & Spring

  • Fall - September-December (13-14 weeks)
    • Application will be available in August
  • Spring - January-April (13-14 weeks)
    • Application will be available in December
  • Cost - $50
    • Covers resources, hospitality, and event expenses
  • Hours: 10-20 per week
    • 5-15 hours serving with ministry department/coach
    • 5 hours with intern class, with focus on serving together and growing as leaders and followers of Christ.

Summer: June-August (10 weeks)

  • Application will be available in April
  • Cost - $50
    • Covers resources, hospitality, and travel expenses
  • Hours: 10-25 per week
    • 5-15 hours serving with ministry department/coach
    • 5-10 hours with intern class, with focus on serving together and growing as leaders and followers of Christ.

Internship Testimonies

"Through this internship, God has shown me that when I first rely on Him I can then learn well, plan well, and serve well. I've grown more in my resting in my identity in Christ, which has steered me away from performing for others’ acceptance. I’ve begun to do all things for the Lord’s glory and not my own! Not only that, but the friendships that have formed during my internship have brought joy into my life and connected me with those I never expected to be connected with!"

Jaelyn Hamilton, 20, Conway, AR
NLC College Intern

"During my time in the internship, I was able to see God use the different tools and resources He has given us to advance His Kingdom forward. Graphics are a huge tool we can use to help someone understand a Sunday message better, remind them of prayer meetings, get people excited about being a part of God's family, etc. God taught me about the importance of building His Kingdom by loving others and working together to carry out a vision. New Life Church wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for the strong teams that make it up, each holding up multiple pillars for every area in the ministry. It made me appreciate so much more the amazing work God is doing, and as I travel back to California, my goal is to carry parts of this culture with me—not just to help my community grow, but to continue to help me grow as well."

Gerson Belmonte, 26, San Jose, CA
Creative Intern (Graphics)

"What God has taught me through this summer internship was to have more confidence in my walk/relationship with the Lord and just to have confidence in general! I also learned how to serve the church in the best way! I loved every second of this summer, from doing flood relief with the team to Friday morning workouts! I love that I get to call this church my home now!" 

Morgan Toebben, 20, St. Louis, MO
Creative Intern (Photo Management)


What is the purpose of the NLC internship?

NLC Internship exists to serve and further the vision of New Life Church while developing leaders and followers of Christ.

Who is the internship for?

NLC Internship is for college-age men and women who consider NLC Conway to be their home church.

How long does the internship last?

Summer semester will be 10 weeks. Fall and spring semesters will be 13-14 weeks. See more info in Details section.

Why is the summer internship more of a time commitment than the fall or spring?

The larger time commitment in the summer semester will allow our staff to spend more time focused solely on growing and developing the intern class. We hope to take advantage of the flexibility in a summer schedule to give interns an experience that will facilitate the maximum amount of personal growth as they serve the church.

In what ways can I expect to grow and be developed as an NLC intern?

You will grow through serving, Biblical teachings, and coaching in one-on-one and group settings. Interns will be given serve opportunities within New Life and receive weekly teachings and coaching from NLC staff.

What does a typical week look like for an NLC intern?

Every week interns will spend the majority of their time serving with their coach in their assigned department. They will also spend time serving with their intern class during weekend services and learning from New Life pastors and staff.  

Can I get credit for the internship?

Possibly. Interns will need to explore if NLC Internship fulfills expectations and requirements by their institution, department, and advisor. It will be the intern’s responsibility to fulfill those requirements and any paperwork needed.

How do I apply for the NLC Internship?

Complete the application. Check the details above for when the application opens each semester.
After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Will housing be available?

At this time, we cannot provide housing for interns.

What does the cost go to?

The cost goes to internship resources, hospitality during meetings, and travel expenses.



Amir and Bethany Rostampour serve as the Internship Pastors at NLC Conway. They have served, lead, and pastored college students & young adults in many different capacities. They are passionate about developing young men and women as leaders and followers of Christ. They have been on staff at New Life Church since 2014. Amir is a full-time pastor and also works part time as a licensed counselor. Bethany is on staff as an administrative assistant to our Executive Worship Pastors.

If you have questions or need more information, please email Amir at