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Church Family

About the Series

Family means different things to different people. Some find their family a joyful place––a group that celebrates and supports each other. Other families struggle with pain and heartache. But no matter what our family situation is like, we have a Father who is always faithful to us. And He is building a family that will encourage us like never before.

God’s church family is designed to succeed where others fail. It is a group that rejoices together, endures together, and heals together. It multiplies our victories and lightens our losses. It is not divided by strife, but united by God’s direction. When we join together and invite the Holy Spirit to move in us, we can create this family––a family like we’ve never seen before.

Building a home like this is our goal as a church, but we can’t do it alone. Each and every one of us has a role that no one else can fill. We are like stones being built into a house––when one person is added to our numbers, our home is that much stronger. When we gather in God’s presence, we can accomplish what we could never do on our own. Then, we can bring an incredible hope to each other––and the world outside of these walls.