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The Arkansas God Sees/The Church God Sees (2017)

About the Series

“Arkansas is the kind of place where one person can make a difference and be seen all over the world.” If one person in Arkansas can make a difference, what about an entire church? If the church is united—mind, soul, and strength to God—what can kind of impact will they have?

We believe God has a great purpose for the state of Arkansas and we want to be part of it. As His church, we are all called and chosen. The Arkansas God Sees is a divine moment for us to see the need, recognize our role, and respond to the vision. It is the ever-expanding vision of God's heart for our state.

Do for the one what we wish we could do for everyone. Let’s be compelled by the Spirit to each do what’s needed to reach the one.

Our prayer is that we would take ownership of this vision, seeing Arkansas as God does, and do whatever it takes to bring His hope to those in our community.